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Their Story

Explore the world of Zambezi, a mischievous little elephant who's always finding himself in times of trouble! Teamed with his trusty rhino sidekick and best friend Limpopo, these two cheeky characters are bound for adventure.

Written by Andrew White, Zambezi and Limpopo have been lovingly brought to life by wildlife artist, Tom Middleton. Zambezi is based on an orphaned elephant with whom Andrew built a strong relationship with, during his time working with Game Rangers International (GRI); a non-profit organisation working in Zambia alongside the Department of National Parks & Wildlife, with local communities, to protect Zambia's wildlife and wild spaces. Limpopo has been inspired by orphaned rhinos, rescued and cared for by conservations who work tirelessly to protect rhino populations whose numbers are in rapid decline.

Both elephants and rhinos are critically endangered, which is why Tom and Andrew have decided to donate £1 of every book sale to GRI, in an attempt to help preserve and protect both species and support conservation efforts throughout Africa.

The money donated will be ring fenced specifically for education projects to support their conservation work. Upon donating £1000 to GRI, a new non-profit organisation will be selected, whose aim is to help protect rhino populations.

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A Rubbish Day

Join Zambezi and Limpopo on their first adventure across the African plains. Where the inquisitive Zambezi finds himself in a spot of bother regarding an abandoned plastic bottle. Written to help inspire and understand the importance of discarding litter, responsibly.

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Meet The Team

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Our Partners

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