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King Elephant WAY2019

Wildlife Artist of the Year is an art competition run by the David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation, in association with BBC Wildlife Magazine. Each year the competition draws in more and more contestants with each entry contributing funds for conservation. With every piece sold 50% of the sale price is also contributed towards the vital conservation work done by the foundation.

If you would like to know more and find out how you can get involved please head over to:




'Run, Man Cub!'

Wildlife Artist of the Year 2022

Highly Commended

Run, Man Cub! Highly Commended


Wildlife Artist of the Year 2022

Highly Commended

'Here's Johnny!'

Wildlife Artist of the Year 2021

Highly Commended

Judges comment:

"If I hadn't seen the process behind this piece, I would struggle to understand how this was artwork and not reality. The movement and exact moment captured by this piece is powerful and thrilling. The level of detail in both the water and the Great White shark are simply outstanding. The angle and perspective is one of the most interesting shark pieces we have ever had in this competition for me and shows real skill in being able to capture such a dynamic moment. Wow!"

Georgina Lamb

Here's Johnny! Highly Commended

'Silver Lining'

Wildlife Artist of the Year 2020

Category Winner; Into the Blue

Judge's comments:

"With expertise and sensitivity, Tom Middleton has created a beautifully flowing piece of art that is both calming and lively. He has chosen to portray a much maligned creature and I believe makes us want to know more about Hammerhead sharks and their world." 


Gary Hodges

"A wonderfully executed image of an unusual view of this majestic creature. The artist portrays a natural affinity with his subject and there is great movement in the piece that caught our eye. Black and white is always so effective and his use of graphite is sublime. A very worthy winner of this category."


Mandy Shepherd

WAY Certificate
WAY20 Silver Lining

'King Elephant'

Wildlife Artist of the Year 2019

Highly Commended

King Elephant HC Stamp.jpg
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